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Hunter Flytraps

Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia "Mad Green Thing" Carnivorous Live plant

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Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia "Mad Green Thing" Rare Carnivorous Live plant

Bright green pitchers with interesting veins and a "floptop" that looks like a very displeased face.
These pitchers grow incredibly tall and divide outward easily. Growing up to and over 3ft, our tallest has been 40"+ above soil. While a little floppy when full, which is often, these are amazing at filling up with insects, have a sweet aroma and nectar, and are exceptional pitchers, even when laying sideways, all the insects like to come to the yard and party in these grumpy pitchers!

These will be shipped bare root without pot or substrate, plan accordingly, or they will get even more mad! Get them now, while we are full of divisions and they're cheap!