Plant Diagrams

Venus flytrap anatomy
Flytrap water tray diagram
This image has a gradient grey to black background. It reads "how we ship plants at hunter flytraps". There are 8 images showing the different stages of preparing a plant for shipment. Wrapping the substrate (moss) to secure it in the pot while the plant is still exposed. Thwn you put a clear plastic cup over the plant and tape it in place. Use stretch wrap to secure the top and pot together. Place the plant name tage on. Put the plant in its water tray along with cards and nursery tag. Place all of that in a box and use filler to secure the plant in the box. Tape the box shut. Add stickers to thw outside of the box that read "live plants, handle with love" . Now add the shipling lable.
Venus flytraps in Dormancy compared to summer growth