Q: I have black leaves, is my plant dying? 

A: Not likely. If there is new growth from the center or growth point of the plant. Flytraps as well as other carnivorous plants naturally kill off their petioles, leaves, pitchers and use the remaining energy and nutrients as that portion dies off. It's part of life, though sad to see their majestic beauty fade. 😢 


Q: Can/should I put my flytrap in a terrarium? 

A: Please do not. We would strongly advise against this. 

Flytraps are open air bog plants originating from present day South/North Carolina. On the other hand utricularia (bladderwort) are a great terrarium plant which we normally have in stock. 


Q: Why use rain, distilled or reverse osmosis water? Isn't the water in nature dirty and contaminated?

A: For these plants we are trying to mimic a bog environment. These plants live in substrate with no nutrients. In a natural bog they are growing in acidic, sandy, non nutrient enriched soil. The water that they have is rain water that has no outflow. No water from streams and lakes, just precipitation that has no where to go. This is how they grow in nature and so this is how we grow them outside of their natural environment to the best of our ability; using the proper water, substrate and plenty light.


Q: Why should you bottom water your plants? 

A: Rinsing your substrate, watering top down, is a good practice once in a while. But bottom watering via tray method, ensures the plant can soak up the water into the substrate. Also this avoids splashing the top soil, or triggering flytraps wasting the plants energy, rinsing a Drosera's mucilage that it needs to catch prey, etc.