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Hunter Flytraps

Hunter Flytraps "Flesher Shears" (MM x Sawtooth)- Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant

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Hunter Flytraps "Flesher Shears" (FTS Maroon Monster x Sawtooth 2021) - Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant

Hunter Flytraps "Flesher Shears" (FTS Maroon Monster x Sawtooth 2021) is a FTS Maroon Monster x Sawtooth 2021 plant, from seed, successfully cross pollinated the wanted traits of FTS MM color with Sawtooth cultivar cilia, by crossing our best breeding stock FTS MM and Sawtooth cultivar mother plants in June 2021.

Get a very healthy unique typical that should be, it's own Dionaea Muscipula cultivar. Rare one of a kind plant. (Currently applying for cultivar status). These plants exhibit some characteristics of FTS Maroon Monster, and of Sawtooth cultivars.

Differences from normal FTS MM and Sawtooth observed include: HF Flesher Shears exhibits Maroon hues on petioles and outside of traps with dark maroon like mouths. The cilia are sawtooth/dentate like.

Color and cilia traits are somewhat seasonal.
In summer somewhat uneven "sawteeth" almost blocky-square shaped cilia at times, darker heads nearly all maroon at times in summer, with green to yellow banding around edges, lighter edges in less hours of sun, such as in spring/fall. Shorter "blocky-square-like" sawtooth cilia at times, prevalent in fall/winter.


These are not true FTS Maroon Monster or Sawtooth cultivar clones, these are considered "typicals", not yet a registered cultivar.
You will receive the exact plant pictured clone, in 3" pot of this original FTS MM x Sawtooth seedling, 2021 #6 "HF Flesher Shears"

Your plant resides within a 3" pot with a velvety layer of either New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss or a silky Peat/perlite/sand mixture in water tray with care tag. You may also receive stickers and other possibly shameless self promotional materials.