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Hunter Flytraps

Hunter Flytraps Bleeding Gums Murphy typical- Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Live Plant

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Hunter Flytraps Bleeding Gums Murphy typicals

Hunter Flytraps "Bleeding Gums Murphy" are each unique sibling plant typicals of Dorothy's Ruby Red Rippers. These B52 x B52 2021 seedgrown plants are bred from B52 mother plants exhibiting prominent red rings on their large traps in South Carolina outdoors and indoors, especially through summer months the past few seasons. Coming from the same parent plants and nearly as nice as their famous, larger,  faster growing, beautiful sister plant, but less cost, and currently available. 

Dorothy's Ruby Red Rippers are a soon-to-be registered flytrap cultivar known for its very Large traps, blood red mouths, in this case with red rings on outside edges and long triangular cilia (Liberty spike-esque) in the theme of "Dracula" flytraps. 

Bleeding Gums Murphy are each unique as they are grown from seed. They're named seed grown typicals, not clones, that are very much alike sibling "Dorothy's Ruby Red Rippers", which we plan to register as cultivar. 

Your plant resides within a 3" pot with a velvety layer of either New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss or a silky Peat/perlite/sand mixture in water tray with care tag. You may also receive stickers and other possibly shameless self promotional materials.