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Hunter Flytraps

Haunter Flytraps Skull Pot Common - Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant

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Haunter Flytraps Skull Pot Common - Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant

Bwahahahaha dont get creeped out by our selection. Dont worry, no dead things here. At the Haunter Flytraps house, They Live. So just Buy, Consume and Conform by purchasing one of these Halloween related carnivorous plants in skulls.

These common (or typical) venus flytraps can vary in appearance slightly, and aren't too "Common".
These are some of our vigorous growers that are of no specific cultivar. These plants divide outward easily, and produce highly efficient and large traps, with a good amount of color in and around mouths. 

Skull comes with a bottom layer of perlite, sphagnum moss, carnivorous soil, topped with sphagnum moss. Drainage hole is half way up the pot.  
The typical Venus flytrap is sent bare root along with the pot. 

Your plant will reside within a skull pot with a velvety layer of either New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss or a silky Peat/perlite/sand mixture in water tray with care tag. You may also receive stickers and other possibly shameless self promotional materials.

Plant received not necessarily same as photo model, this listing is for common flytraps.