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Get me that plant - 016 - Heliamphora Nutan's Giant Carnivorous plant

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Get me that plant - 016 - Heliamphora Nutan's Giant Pitcher Plant - Carnivorous plant

Heliamphora Nutans Giant are a very large growing tropical pitcher plant endemic to South America. These specific Nutan's Giant grow very large up to 12" or more so far for us. These "sun pitchers" require fair amount of light, distilled, rain or Reverse osmosis water, no nutrient or minerals in soil. Suggested soil, our carnivorous mix ( peat/ sand/ perlite), including sphagnum moss, orchid bark, sand, perlite. Can survive w wide range but suggested temps 70–90 °F., with preferred 10° drop at night, and they enjoy high humidity.

You will receive: This exact heliamphora Nutan's Giant division that will grow large like our listing:

Shipped bare root with sphagnum moss, 5x5x7 pot and tray