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Bladderwort Utricularia Sandersonii - Carnivorous Plant

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Bladderwort - Utricularia Sandersonii Carnivorous Plant

These carnivorous plants use bladders that they grow underneath the soil or water level to eat miniscule insects.

Utricularia Sandersonii grows low round leaves barely above the soil, up to 1/2" high. They also produce intriguing white flowers that resemble bunnies. These plants will grow continuously outward, filling whatever pot you put them in. 

They make a great companion to your bog and carnivorous plants.

Approximately 1" 'plug' of Utricularia resides within a 3" pot with a velvety layer of either New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss or a silky Peat/perlite/sand mixture in water tray with care tag. You may also receive stickers and other possibly shameless self promotional materials.